Medical Devices

Medical Devices

The medical devices field is continuously growing. Advanced technologies, scientific innovations and medical discoveries generate new solutions and a wide variety of needs. What once seemed impossible is now an actual and applicable reality, which allows significant improvements to the lives of many people. These changes are not only relevant to people who suffer from various illnesses; medical innovations make all our lives safer and simpler. These developments generate demand for professionals who can develop high quality, smart and safe medical device. Since this is a sensitive field, it is essential to choose the right company, which has the proper knowledge and background. Novodes invites you to enjoy its services, and its rich experience in the field of medical devices, vast professional knowledge and quality control that meets the strictest regulations and standards.

Important elements in medical device development

Developing products for medical use demands extra caution. In a practice where any tiny deviation can put the patient’s life at risk, one cannot take precision and accuracy lightly. Therefore, developing medical devices demands a great deal of expertise, from the characterization stage to selling the completed product. A lack of experience can cause a long and cumbersome process, and even a low quality product which fails to meet the regulatory requirements. It is therefore recommended to use the services of a company with a well established experience, which accompanies the medical devices’ development process every step of the way, and is managed in a skilled, professional manner. The professional team at Novodes holds the required knowledge and experience, and is able to lead all the development and production procedures, until a completed product is reached, which meets all the required standards.

Novodes’ expertise and experience

Before founding Novodes, Eyal Gerber founded Gerium Medical, a medical devices company. In this company, Eyal served as Head of R&D and led the development of a medical device for measuring jaundice in babies, which is still used by hospitals around the world. The company achieved great success, was later sold, and after a short period Novodes was founded. Eyal brought vast knowledge to the company regarding medical devices, measurement methods, non-invasive technologies and various other aspects in this field. Integrating skilled professionals from the hardware, software and mechanical engineering fields resulted in a winning team that can lead challenging projects. Novodes is experienced in developing medical devices in various fields, including medical aesthetics, invasive and noninvasive devices and even unique medical devices for personal-home use.

Meeting strict standards

Medical devices are required to meet strict standards, which should be acknowledged and implemented in the work process. It is important to understand that these standards are relevant not only until the product is complete, but it is essential to ensure that all the stages are conducted and documented in a manner that meets the relevant standards and regulations. For example, in order to be granted an FDA and CE certification, it is required to document the development process according to  ISO 13485 and relevant safety standards such as IEC60601 specifications. For these reasons, Novodes insists on an organized and orderly work process, which includes using an advanced document management system, which allows a controlled, efficient work process. Maintaining quality control is continued throughout the process, in order to meet the strictest quality standards, including the ISO13485 standard for medical devices quality, and the ICE60601 standard for electrical device safety and efficiency in the medical field.

Medical device projects

Among the various projects led by Novodes, there are several projects in the medical device field. Some of these projects were designed for a clinical application, and others for personal-home use. Each device is altered to meet the costumer’s requirements, while maintaining the highest quality. Some of these projects include developing a disinfection system for a medical aesthetic machine, developing an electro-mechanical hair removal system using an economic, pain-free method, redesigning the electronics and software of a hair removal system (IPL) to meet strict quality standards and the development of a unique infusion pump.