Novodes’ professional team is here to answer all your needs in the field of product development. We offer a product design service from beginning to end, intended for companies who wish to transform an original idea into an actual product. In addition, we are happy to provide specific solutions to different requirements in the fields of software, hardware and production, according to your needs. Furthermore, our experts will accompany you in every step of the process, even after development, in case alterations and improvements to the existing product are needed.

When you choose Novodes, you choose maximum professionalism, serviceability and availability. We will be happy to provide a continual service at all times, in order to transform your vision into the best, high quality product.

Software & Firmware Design

Novodes has a rich experience in the software development field. Our engineers’ vast knowledge, along with the use of advanced technological equipment, enables us to develop a high quality, bug-free product. Our services include, among others, embedded development in a real time operating system (RTOS) environment, driver development, algorithmic writing and developing applications for various work environments. This process is carried out with your full collaboration, in order to ensure…

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Electronics Design

Our hardware team is prepared for any challenge, from basic developments to handling the most complex systems. Thanks to our vast experience and the professional expertise we acquired, we are able to provide the proper solution to any issue during the hardware development process. We invite you to leave the challenges to us, and enjoy our professional services and the highest quality product.

We provide our clients a variety of solutions in the fields of…

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